Online Gaming

Finally a Portuguese can sit at a virtual table to play with the best in the world. A regulated and growing sector.

With the approval and publication of various diplomas related to gaming and sports betting and horse races in 2015, this sector has gained new momentum, generating new business opportunities that extend to areas as diverse as social communication, advertising, e-sports or the equine sector.

In an area such as gambling, dealing with such sensitive issues as dependency or money laundering, it is essential the entry into the market be made with full knowledge of the applicable legal framework. Only then new business opportunities can become, effectively, good deals.

At CCA we have several clients in the field of national and international gaming, and we have been closely following this sector for many years in several jurisdictions, which allowed us not only to know the various legal models existing in other countries, but also to intervene actively in the recent national legislative process.

Online Gaming

Responsible for the Gaming Area

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Managing Associate

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