Trade Secrets

We Protect Your Secrets. We Boost Your Business.

Customer contacts, production methods, financial data, sales strategies. there is so much different information that gives your business a competitive advantage. Improper acquisition, use, and disclosure of this information may cause you significant harm.

CCA provides a personalized and integrated trade secrets protection service. Our multi-faceted team - comprised of specialists in a variety of business sectors such as health, energy, real estate, finance, technology, transport, and agrifood - works closely with the clients, with a view to identifying your specific protection needs and preventing potential threats to your trade secrets. together, we will develop a culture of protection of secrets and put in place the most effective technological and legal protection mechanisms.

A step-by-step strategy:

  • Step 1 | Identification | We work closely with the client with the purpose of identifying business-related information held by the client that is in need of protection.
  • Step 2 | Analysis | We analyze the measures implemented to keep information secret and we measure their effectiveness by identifying areas where enhanced protection is needed or urgent.
  • Step 3 | Protection | We produce internal regulations, confidentiality agreements, and all necessary documentation to ensure that the targeted information benefits from the protection provided by law to trade secrets. we will also define strategies to minimize the risk of internal and external threats to the preservation of secrets.
  • Step 4 | Follow Up | We carry out periodic checks on the implemented measures, ensuring that they are kept up to date in the light not only of legislative and jurisprudential changes but also of technological developments that may occur in the meantime.
  • Step 5 | Defense | In the event of unlawful acquisition, use, and disclosure of the client's trade secrets, we will respond promptly to ensure that measures are taken to limit the damages resulting from the breach and that fair compensation is paid to the client.
  • Step 6 | Training | Threats to trade secrets originate not only from the outside, through cyberattacks, but especially from within organizations, through misuse or disclosure by employees (current and former), suppliers, and business partners. CCA Law Firm offers training on the protection of trade secrets, fostering an internal culture of respect for confidential information.

Trade Secrets

Head of TMT Department

Martim Bouza Serrano