Decentralization, distribution, automation and autonomization. Solutions for the future empowered by anticipation in the present.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence promise to serve as basis and substrate for numerous technological applications, capable of disrupting established business models and providing others that have never been imagined before.

The legal challenges posed by these technologies are immense and result from their ability to completely change the way we look at the world and overturn much of what we have assumed and acquired so far.

Blockchain's decentralization and distribution characteristics will totally change areas as diverse as corporate management or compliance with tax obligations. The issuance of tokens will be both an alternative financing opportunity and a regulatory challenge.

The automation and autonomization that Artificial Intelligence, more than promising, is already fulfilling, will raise with increasing frequency interesting and complex legal challenges. From civil liability to data protection, or to intellectual property, no area of law will cease to be called upon to provide solutions to these issues.

Betting on anticipation, CCA, with the Startinnovation Team, already brought together a group of lawyers who are particularly focussed and interested in these matters. In this way, CCA guarantees a privileged place in the design of the Law of the future, providing a rigorous and efficient service and offering bold and innovative solutions for cutting-edge legal and technological problems.


Managing Partner

Domingos Cruz