We understand technology. We strive for innovation. We firmly and dynamically support new business models.

The impressive technological evolution in the various sectors of the economy has had a particularly acute impact on the financial sector, imposing demanding challenges on traditional players, particularly as regards the development of the banking business.

New business models, with a strong technological base, focused on the client and its mobility, disintermediation, and cost reduction, have changed the status quo, forcing a complex and rigorous legal-regulatory approach, but always with a concern for problem-solving and solution discovery.

For this reason, CCA, with the Startinnovation Team, has invested heavily in developing and strengthening the skills of its lawyers, in particular by diversifying their academic curriculum and by their attendance at major national and international specialized forums.

In fact, companies in the sector - from the incumbents to new entrepreneurs - are seeking (i) our advice in formalizing partnerships, in the legal structuring of new business models, and (ii) our know-how in relation to supervisors and regulators.

In short, through synergies between Fintech, Blockchain, and AI trends, the Startinnovation Team combines a disruptive vocation and legal rigor, conciliating an accurate perception of how technologies work with solid legal bases.

This combination of know-how and valences allows us to create value for our clients, moving towards a more technological Advocacy.


Managing Partner

Domingos Cruz

Innovation and Knowledge Director

Rita Trabulo