Startups & PME

Do not stay in the "Death Valley". From the birth of the idea to its realization, it goes a long way

We BELIEVE in ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION as fundamental elements for the progress of our economy and we KNOW of the difficulties and limitations that entrepreneurs find when it comes to starting a new business.

With a multidisciplinary and international team, of excellence, CCA through the Startinnovation Team, developed a package specifically aimed at Startups and SMEs, with the purpose of providing access to legal advice, with cost control.

The Startinnovation Team seeks to respond to the essential needs of Startups and SMEs in the corporate, tax, labour, intellectual property, technology and telecommunications fields, as well as personal data, among others, offering the appropriate legal framework that will allow the entrepreneur to CREATE, DEVELOP, EXPAND and PROTECT your business, always bearing in mind the following fundamental pillars: FLEXIBILITY, ACCESSIBILITY and QUALITY.

CCA also has an extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurs in INVESTMENT and in the moment of INTERNATIONALIZATION.

Startups & PME

Innovation and Knowledge Director

Rita Trabulo

Managing Partner

Domingos Cruz