Social sector

Society is not exhausted in the public or private sector. The importance of the Third Sector is decisive in the balance of communities.

Aware of the fact that there is a lot of space and areas of activity that are not adequately covered by the public services or services provided by the State, CCA advises entities that organize themselves in various forms, such as civil associations, private foundations, non-profit organizations, social development projects, among others. Our advice aims to preserve the rights and obligations of these entities, so as to ensure that their end activity is carried out safely to society, without dispensing with the benefits offered to each project.

In addition, our advice in this sector also helps clients, companies or individuals, in processes such as development of social investment projects, either individually or in partnership with public, private, national or international institutions. These projects include, for example, the development or strengthening of corporate social and environmental responsibility programs, sustainability programs, the enhancement of education and human rights, among many others.

Social sector

Innovation and Knowledge Director

Rita Trabulo