From the birth of the idea to its realization, there is a long path that we should take TOGETHER.

We BELIEVE in ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION as a fundamental element for the progress of our economy and we ARE AWARE of the demands and difficulties that entrepreneurs face when it comes to starting a new business. 

With a multidisciplinary team, in 2015, CCA created the Startinnovation Team, a team especially oriented to the universe of startups and SMEs, providing specialized, dynamic and committed legal advice.

Currently, the Startinnovation Team has been incorporated in CCA ON - CCA's Knowledge and Innovation Center, which covers 4 axes: Training, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. It is in this context, at CCA ON - Entrepreneurship, that the Office Hours and Mentorships are organized to support entrepreneurs and startups, particularly in early stage.

CCA continues to accompany startups throughout their life, business development, funding rounds, hiring employees, incentive plans, intellectual and industrial property, among others, through its practice areas.

In this sense, the experience acquired in recent years has allowed us to consolidate a firm position in full service response to the most demanding challenges of companies, from corporate to labor, from competition to tax.

CCA has in its team professionals whose established skills and know-how allow to have consistent insight into complex matters such as funding (seed phase, preferred rounds, and exits) and regulation.

In addition, we follow and are well informed about disruptive trends and markets, advising new players in emerging areas such as Fintech, Blockchain, and AI, namely in crowdfunding and ICOs structuring operations, maintaining a close and active dialogue with supervisory and regulatory entities. 

The Legal Week Innovation Awards 2017

  • Business Development, 2017


Innovation and Knowledge Director

Rita Trabulo

Managing Partner

Domingos Cruz