Our activity is centred on a responsible, diverse, inclusive and innovative business that was created to serve a single purpose: the People.

Leave no one behind

We are driven by the slogan of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. We have made commitments in the three major ESG aspects, promoting our own and our stakeholders' sustainable and long-lasting development.

We are aware of our impact and influence, as players in the legal sector, in relation to environmental, social and good governance issues. To this end, our activities are aligned with and actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we are fully committed to incorporating the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact into our activities and presence in the community.

We develop and work on these matters with our clients, helping them understand their obligations and rights and their role so that we can fulfil the 2030 Agenda together. But our role is not limited to this aspect. We know what we have to do with other stakeholders: partners, suppliers and, without a doubt, our people. We have also made these commitments at the firm level, believing that our People are the essential foundation of our future in this journey towards a more sustainable development.

Find out more about our journey, Code of Ethics and Conduct, SafeChannel whistleblowing channel and CCA Sustainability Report below in the FAQ section.

➡️ Human Rights Policy

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➡️ CCA non-financial reporting

🔸 Our 2022 sustainability report HERE

🔸 Our 2021 sustainability report HERE

➡️ Our Code of Ethics and Conduct

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➡️ Policy for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Offences

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➡️ Whistleblowing Policy

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➡️ CCA LAW FIRM’s SafeChannel – REPORTING CHANNEL (for external parties)

In addition to an internal reporting channel, CCA Law Firm makes available a reporting channel for external parties who interact with CCA Law Firm.

To access the Reporting Channel for external use click HERE


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Rita Trabulo

Human Resources Director

Teresa Rocha

Chief Operations Officer

Jorge Machado