Private Clients

A multifaceted and tailored accompaniment to our clients.

At CCA we look closely at the lives of our clients and their family dynamics and seek to understand their personal circumstances and aspirations as well as their business and business goals.

The CCA Private Clients team provides legal advice to private clients, both domestic and foreign, in a wide range of areas, including personal matters, such as the regulation of family legal relationships, inheritance law (impact and tax obligations, wills , bequests, property sharing/ inventories, asset management), real estate transactions, property registration, automobile and notary, tax liability and legal labour relations with advising on the deployment of Portuguese workers abroad and foreign workers in Portugal.

Our services also cover judicial and extrajudicial settlement of disputes. We also follow up on matters related to Work Visas, investment or retirement, if necessary, Obtaining Residence Permits (Temporary and/or Permanent), and among them, the processing of Golden Visa processes, as well as obtaining the Non-Usual Resident Statute, including the processes of Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality (descendants of Portuguese citizens, descendants of Sephardic Jews, among others).

Our services include the optimization of income or assets, as well as the incorporation of a commercial company or other vehicles in several jurisdictions.

Private Clients

Partner and Head of Private clientes area

Carla Matos

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Vanessa Rodrigues


Sara Barroso